I uploaded Chapters 1 and 2. They are available through The Soul Collectors page on this site and will link you to Google Docs where you can read each chapter.

That I can at least say has been the productive side. On a more personal note, I was robbed last week. So writing, editing, making it look pretty for y’all and getting my work out there is helping me feel helluva lot better.


Making a website when you have the website skills from 2002 is a stress. Especially when I am not quite sure what I am doing. Like trying to steer an out of control motorcycle in the desert. Except I’m swerving around trying to avoid the cacti in my way.

I’ve been working on the Soul Collectors for over 4 years. It came out ashes of Revelations III, which I am still poking at with a half finished manuscript. Then ending is already written. Most of my writing always has an ending already plotted out. I love story lines. I like to just dream them up, like clouds out of air. Dozens of ideas I want to get on paper. The only problem being I write slow. Being a editor also makes me want to re-read my written pages over and over, fixing the flow of how my words are read.

Certain scenes with Soul Collectors take time. I guess that’s just how I write. Over a year ago I was posting the rough copy of the chapters with little editing and it made me cringe to go back and see all the errors. I had to take it down and rework it all. Now its almost ready to start going up again. Giving the main characters and their extensions, a deeper life and purpose than what was before.

Characters need to be more than ink and paper.

They have to feel real to the writer, otherwise they will never find an existence in the reader.


I am cleaning up.