12.18.2017 I Haven’t Forgotten

I will start adding media to the gallery in an effort to get this site moving. I haven’t forgotten about this place. Websites are dedicated projects for those that do it themselves. Kudos to the artists and writers that manage.  Don’t get me wrong, WordPress is pretty basic internet interface. It doesn’t take much to get a site going. It’s the compiling the media, the ideas and the work on anything else aside from my computer is the difficult part. I really have a hard time trying to decide where to being in my endless files of writings and artwork. What ideas should I share? This is a portfolio I want to build.

So, here’s something to get started.

Dream Dragon. My muse.

Copic Medium.



I write. It’s what I do and honestly the only thing I do in my free time. I work and I write. That is my life. Since I can remember, I’ve written stories. Thousands upon thousands of pages of fiction since my teens.

Dark fiction. The struggles, in its many forms, between good and evil.  The Fallen and the Divine.

I’ve self published two books. Revelations I and II. Available in the page links.  Soul Collectors is a book I am currently working on. And of course there is more to share but all in good time.

This website is supposed to be a showcase of my portfolio. Spread out across countless pages, many of my works need to be gathered into one place and edited into something that can be shared. A task that will take time as I also am working on several other projects at the same time.

Writing and art, the language of my soul. Something that I cannot let go.